Wednesday, May 15, 2019

IA Mod Edition!

We've just released the Mod edition of IA! You'll now be able enjoy other user's mods, or create your own to share! You can find everything you need below!

0.1 Alpha Modder Edition - Changelog (5/15/19)

You can download the Mod Edition from the public builds download link below!

Modding Support:
  • Added some modding support! It is highly recommended that you play the original game without modding support instead of this version first.
Here's what you can do in this version:
  • Add new characters with their own scenes and a gift to buy points with them with
  • Add new locations
  • Add scenes to preexisting characters
It is not planned to add an example for a new minigame or adding a character to a preexisting minigame.
  • Example mods are in the game/images folder and this where you will be putting any mods you or other makes. They should be in their own folders for organization. By example I really do mean example, they're only there for to give you an idea of what you should/can do and provide somewhat of a template.
You will still need at least basic renpy and python coding knowledge.

Example mods are:
  • Jamnut, a new character that is just janet color swapped
  • Example new scene, a very basic new example scene for simoen
  • Example new zone and location, very basic examples for a new zone and a new location
You need to enable the mods in the options menu first before they will work in-game
  • It's extremely important that you study the game's code in order to make mods. The purpose of the example mods is to give you a headstart, but it won't make up for not knowing how to code or not studying the game's code enough.
  • I recommend you look at the examples and have your mods work by being enabled first in the options.
  • It's highly recommended you do not try to edit the original scripts and instead try to extend them. If you want to edit preexisting scenes you can try something like this in your mod: Also look up python decorators.
  • New characters added by mods will require the player to advance time before they see them added to any location.

Below is a link that contains the following artwork assets from IA in PSD (Photoshop) format:
  • All bust artwork and sprites in PSD format.
  • All scenes for all characters in PSD format.
  • All group scenes in PSD format.
  • Other scenes (such as the introduction and title screen art) in PSD format
  • Concept and unused artwork in PSD format.
You are free to use and modify this artwork for modding!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

IA Public Build 1.0 - Final Content Release

It is here, the final content update for IA!

Soapmonster added some artwork that was not initially planned, and he was working to transition out of IA. These were the reasons why this final update took longer than usual, but it is now complete! You will see the epilogue images that we had talked about for a while! We hope you have enjoyed all of Soapmonster's hard work!

If you spot any lingering bugs, typos, or glitches let us know so we can make sure 1.0 of IA runs smoothly!

Previous saves from past builds are compatible!

1.0-Changelog (4/29/19)

New Content:
  • Added epilogue scene! Requires that you have completed the finale scene. Viewable in player's bedroom.
  • IA's game content is now complete! Future updates will  focus on bug fixes and possibly adding mod support.
  • Grandma Edna now appears before Kacey and Vicky in the stats screen.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed typo in one of Grandma Edna's scenes.
  • Grandma Edna no longer puts her clothes on automatically for her blowjob scene revisit.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Public Build 0.051 (3/4/19)

The 0.51 build is now public and for everyone! There is one more piece of artwork Soap is working on, and we hope many of you will enjoy it as a send off for all the artwork he's provided for IA!

Previous saves from past builds are compatible!

0.51-Changelog (3/4/19)

New Content:
-Added new Grandma Edna scene! Requires Relationship level 12.

-All characters appear on the character stats screen now, if they have not been met yet, their name and portrait are hidden.
-Added Kacey and Vicky to the miscellaneous stats screen.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed typo in the finale group scene revisit.
-Fixed typo in the Mom Simone and Big Sister Kira threesome revisit.
-The pool group scene no longer uses the player's default name.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Important Announcement Regarding IA

We want to inform all of you what will be happening with IA in the near future. This is the message we are sending to all of our IA fans!

We apologize for this being a long post, but we felt it was the best way to explain everything.

First off, we would like to thank everyone in the IA community. Whether you have been with us since the very beginning, or have just joined us recently, IA would not be where it is today without the support and excitement generated by all of you! It makes us, the team, feel especially happy to see how many of you enjoy our game and its content. It's especially great to see during a time when the hostility towards the content of this kind of game has become extreme from other websites and businesses.

Thanks to your feedback and bug reporting, we've been able to improve upon IA and make it better and better. It feels great to be accepted and welcomed as adult developers on here, and it keeps us inspired to develop more adult games in the future!

Public Build 0.0050-Alpha (2/14/2019)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the 0.0050 public build is now available for everyone!

Previous saves from past builds are compatible!

0.0050-Alpha Changelog (2/7/19)

New Content:
  • Added a new group scene! Requires that you complete all current content for all characters other than Twin Sister Sam and Cousin Julia.  *Sam and Julia are optional, but you will receive new content for them in this group scene if you complete their content as well!*
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed typos in family foursome scene.
  • Fixed typo in Mom Simone and Big Sister Kira threesome revisit.
  • Fixed typo in Cousin Julia conversation.
  • Fixed typos in Mom Simone scenes.
  • Fixed typo in Grandma Edna scene.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Public Build 0.0049a-Alpha (1/17/2019)

We've released an update that has fixed new game saves from resetting stats and money. We also fixed other reported issues. Thanks to everyone that pointed them out!

Previous saves from past builds are compatible!

0.0049a-Alpha Changelog (1/17/19)

Bug Fixes
  • New game saves will no longer have an issue where saving and then loading the save causes causes money and other stats to reset. We are still working on resolving issues with preexisting saves. Saves made prior to version 0.0048 may still work as intended.
  • The foursome scene revisit with Big Sister Kira, Twin Sister Sam and Mom Simone will now no longer still show the "New!" label when completed.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Grandma Edna's bust art will no longer be partially cut off in the character select screen.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Public Build 0.0049-Alpha (1/15/2019)

Here is the public update we promised was arriving! There is a brand new scene that has plenty to offer for enjoyment! ;)

Previous saves from past builds are compatible!

0.0049-Alpha Changelog (1/15/19)

New Content
  • Added new scene! Requires that you have the Twin Sister Sam & Mom Simone Threesome, Big Sister Kira & Mom Simone Threesome, and Big Sister Kira Anal. Occurs in the morning.
  • For those not interested in Twin Sister Sam, the Big Sister Kira & Mom Simone Threesome Revisit now has expanded content! Be sure to check it out! The expanded content also requires that you have done the Mom Simone Vaginal scene.
Bug Fixes
  • The game will no longer try to create save_dump.txt, which may help some users who had problems saving.